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At Aquigen Bio Sciences, we understand the importance of accuracy and quality in pharmaceutical research. As a contract research and manufacturing organization, we leverage our expertise in synthetic chemistry to accelerate every stage of drug development. Our offerings span the full range of research support services. We provide API reference standards, API intermediates, labeled compounds, impurities, and custom syntheses to matching specifications. Researchers around the world depend on us for affordable access to the specialty ingredients they need to power cutting-edge research.

With rapid turnarounds, competitive pricing, and our commitment to quality, we make it easier than ever for pharmaceutical researchers to acquire the key materials they need. Let us put our capabilities to work in support of your next pioneering development. Contact our expert team today to learn more about our custom synthesis and Analytical Testing Services.


API Impurities

Our API Impurities analysis is a key aspect, specialized in quality drug manufacture.

Deuterated Labelled Compound

Aquigen offers compounds with a Deuterium Atom, aiding in the R&D of drugs.

Peptide Impurity Standards

We deliver custom-made peptides in precise composition and structure for pharmaceutical and research purposes.

API & Intermediate

We provide API Intermediates used in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, ensuring precise formulation during drug production.


We detect and quantify Nitrosamines; potentially harmful substances within pharmaceuticals, maintaining high safety standards.

Medicinal Chemistry

We help with Drug Discovery, Development and Modification, Creating Valuable Therapeutics for healthcare.

Analytical Services

We provide robust Analytical Services for Impurity Characterisation and Isolation, aiding Drug Discovery and Quality Control.


No, products and services protected by valid patents by any manufacturer are not offered for sale with patent protection. The sale of these products constitutes patent infringement. Connect with our team to learn more.

Yes, Aquigen Bio Services offers custom synthesis of various compounds to cater to unique research needs, including specific impurities and more.

Yes, feel free to connect to the Aquigen Bio Sciences team to place your bulk orders of Deuterium Labelled Compounds. Get in touch with us today!

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